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The London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange is one of the world international financial markets, which provides listing and trading of stocks, bonds and other securities services. It is located in the heart of the world's major financial centers, companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, several from overseas, to one hundred.

On the other hand, the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (Alternative Investment Market) is the international trading market for smaller, faster-growing companies. In the alternative investment market, you will find a variety of different types of companies, including emerging, venture capital company, or a mature company to be extended.

Some overseas companies have chosen to ADR in the UK market, respectively, in dollar terms ADR and denominated in euros EDR.
London Stock Exchange (LSE)

London Stock Exchange was established in 1801 in London, is one of the world's largest stock exchange. In 2007 the merger with Borsa Italiana, the London Stock Exchange Group - one of Europe's leading diversified foreign exchange business.

London Stock Exchange is mainly concentrated in four areas:

The stock market - companies to raise
Transaction Services - for securities transactions, such as equities, debt, Exchange Traded Funds, ADR, etc.
Information Service - provides real-time prices and news

PLUS Markets Group

PLUS Markets Group is a stock exchange in London where the main international retail. It provides a listing and trading services. More than 9,000 securities available for sale, including London-listed shares, the European mobile stocks and stock quoted on PLUS and AIM.


Avoid Bankruptcy by Making Money Online

The US economy is having a tough time to recover from the disastrous effect of the financial crisis that shook the world recently. People are struggling to pay their bills and consumer debt is turning to be a major problem. Consequently both chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy rates have reached an all time high. A large number of people think that bankruptcy will help them to make a fresh start. Wait a minute! You can solve this problem another way. Have you ever thought that an extra source of income can complement your main job? You can very well combat your financial crisis by working part time on something else. It is possible to pay off your debt and even avoid bankruptcy by doing this. Here are some ways to use web as money machine:

1. Blogging is an easy and popular way to make money. You start by creating your own blog in or for free. If you are in a position to invest a few bucks then you might also buy your own domain. If you succeed in establishing a high quality blog then it would generate decent revenue from the advertisements. The best thing about blogs is that you don’t need to invest even a penny to earn money.

2. Freelancing on the web can be a very profitable business. This is a work from home job which requires you to write for different sites on a wide range on subjects and copy-editing contents. Websites like associated content and helium would pay you for the number time your article has been viewed. There is also scope for software related works in the freelancing arena.

3. Have you ever thought of participating in paid surveys? If, you haven’t then do it right now. All you need to do is contact the market research companies and register with them. They would possibly ask you to take an eligibility test. If you qualify then they would inform you when they conduct surveys and you would get paid for it.

4. Do you have a good collection of movie or music files? Start a file sharing service. You need to upload files on the web and interested people would download it. To start with, keep this service free so that people get hooked to it. After a while make downloads chargeable and start making profits.

5. Affiliate marketing is another way of earning bucks. It is a method by which the affiliate is paid for introducing the visitors to a certain commercial enterprise. The payment may be made on the basis of the number of clicks on the advertisement or registration of clients.

6.Invest in Shares is an quick rich way.

Filing bankruptcy should always be your last alternative. You can always rely on supplementary ways of income to make your financial situation stable. So remember the above points and avoid bankruptcy altogether.

Author Bio:

Kevin Craig is a financial writer associated with Oak View Law Group. He has helped many indebted people to get out of debt by giving them proper financial advice for debt settlement.


Investing in Shares to Avoid Debt

Managing your personal finance would help to achieve financial freedom. A rising awareness among the youngsters within the age group of 20 to 30 years invests in share to control over expenditure that leads to debt.

Cultivating this habit is a crucial decision at the right time otherwise it might take a toll on your wallet. In order to avoid any debt relief programs like debt consolidation services, debt settlement program and so on, save money and start investing in stocks.

You can shift your focus on other investment methods like stocks, share markets etc if you are financially stable and have adequate fund to invest. You can take the able guidance of a financial advisor to get a suitable investment plan. On the other hand, you can even go through different websites for investment tips that might prove to be beneficial.

Here are few stock investment tips that would help you to design a successful investment plan:

  • Before making an investment plan make sure that you do an extensive stock market research. This would help you to give an idea about the investment market. Observing the market would lead to derive a positive result wth investing.
  • Once you have a clear knowledge on the stock market then it would be easier to mark the difference between a good and a bad investment. A veteran can speculate the fluctuating stock trading but a beginner would require patience to learn the tricks. A thorough reseach on the company where you are investing would help to understand the investment strategy. Investing in a good company maximizes your profit and minimize risk.
  • Look for a cheap online stock broker or stock broking firms who can guide you while buying stocks. Beware as many of these brokers charge a commission fee while trading with stocks. Therefore, compare various rates and get the best deal. The average rate varies from $7 to $10 per  that is considered to be a fair deal. The commission fee is included in your total price of the stock.
  • Acquire more information on the rates of the stocks that you have invested in so that you know their market value. This would help you to fathom the fluctuating market. Google Doc Stock portfolio Tracking Tool situated on the Google Doc Tool would help you to maintain a record of the stocks. If you are keen to know the value of the stock then functions on Google Finance would be ideal and you can get this free of cost.

Market analysis is crucial if you are planning to invest in stocks. While selecting the investment plan ensure that gain is more with minimal loss. If you follow these simple tips it would help to secure your financial situation and you would indulge in a good habit of savings over time.

Author Bio:

Kevin Craig is a financial writer associated with Oak View Law Group. He has helped many indebted people to get out of debt by giving them proper financial advice for debt consolidation.


Company law about stock market

Company Law (1985): among currently active laws, Company Law(1985) is the most basic and important statute law adjusting the companies action. It was divided into 27 parts up to 747 rules, including 27 effective appendixes. Many of them are related to stock market, for example, part three, capital issuing; part four, sale of collocation for stock and bond; part five, capital stock, enhance, maintain and lessen of capital; part seven, account and audit; part eight, interest and distribution of property; part ten, execution of fair exchange of the board; part thirteen, plan and rearrangement; part A of the thirteenth, offering of purchase; part sixteen, companies' fraudulent exchange, etc. This law made detailed compile and arrangement concerning with previous laws of company. There are another three laws which were put into effect at the same time. Before long, several new laws greatly amended some rules in it, such as, Bankruptcy Law (1986), Financial Services Act (1986) and Company Law (1989).
Bankruptcy Law (1986) : unlike the traditional British laws, both companies' bankruptcy and personal bankruptcy were bound in the Bankruptcy Law (1986), which also adjust companies' self-audit. As for companies weathering financial crisis, it formulated a new process to avoid audit. Such new process is called Bankruptcy Administration. Administrants for bankruptcy can be appointed by counts to deal with companies' affairs. It also made rules of director and other people's personal responsibilities result from baleful trade. Meanwhile, it also concerning with "Phoenix Company",meaning companies with same name or similar names being about to enter bankruptcy audit, and companies operated by the administrants of the bankrupted; lessening   , but not releasing; examining the qualification of people dealing with bankruptcy.


introduction of Off-Exchange

OFEX (Off-Exchange) established on October 2nd 1995, with the popuse helping build a market for those companies which fail to enter the mainbord marker or AIM in the London market so that they can sale their stocks and financing funds. Some of the companies exchanging in AIT and the ones which did not listed on the stock market at the end of 1996 can also proceed exchange in OFEX. OFEX is similar with AIM. Both of them are markets offering financing services for the middle and small sized companies with high speed of growth. However, OFEX is much easier and even more elementary. AIM is founded by London stock exchange market, and is part of it. It is a formal market, while OFEX is founded by a family firm with the commercial function in London stock market. It is not a formal market.
The British capital market is also a combination of strip and block. It is both centralized and decentralized market system with multilevel. Such market system with complete structure and full function has well supported and maintained Britain's position in international financial market. According to the circumstances of British and Amarican financial market, national centralized markets are mainly serve for big companies' financing. The standard for companies' listing in the AIM is lower than the centralized market. Meanwhile it also designs several standards for different sized companies selecting their appropriate ones to list and finance. As for OFEX, it almost abolished standards for listing and profit, and turns the key points of supervision from controlling companies' listing to fully publishing messages. This is an important change happened in British and American financial market, which is worthy of studying.


London Stock Exchange:National Centralized Shares Market

London stock exchange is a bourse of 200 years' history. It was a coffee house in 1555 at first, and then developed into a stock market with supervision. London stock exchange is one of the main channels absorbing European fund. The totle volume in the year 2001 is up to 700 billion pound with a  average of 60 billion pound per month. The number of people staff in finance, stock, investment inquiring reaches over 1 million in London, which has greatly supported the operation in stock exchanges. At present, London bourse has about 2000 British companies and more than 500 companies from overseas.
Regional market: except for the London centralized bourse, there are Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool...local stock markets, which exchange local companies' stock as well as stocks of the London bourse.
AIM(Alternative Investment Market)was established on June 19th 1995. AIM is a national market provided by London stock exchange market. The British government took a significant measurer in helping the big, middle,and small sized companies, especially middle and small sized ones with high technique investing through capital market. The government established a bourse providing financing service specialized for the middle and small sized companies in the London stock market, the AIM. Since 1995 when it was established, over 850 companies entered AIM and gain vast increase, financing up to over 6.2 billion pound, account to nearly 9.7 Euro. AIM is directly supervised and managed by the London stock market, and is operated by the specially-assigned person in market.


Automatic quoting system for the stock exchange in London

Owing to a big revolution in 1986, the stock market in Britain has experienced great changes, among which the lastest technique of " automatic quoting system for the stock exchange" has completely changed the form of market exchange. Using this system, people can see the stock price through screens at any time. All the investors and brokers, booking the stock price service from bourse, can receive messages immediately wherever they are ,even in America or Japan. Since then instead of face-to-face stock exchanges in the tangible bourse, people from every corner of the world comprehend the situation of the whole market in their own offices through the automatic quoting screens and proceed by using telephone . People of the stock exchanges in Britain are comprised by members of managers and self-supporters, authorized staffs and non-authorized ones, and accounting staffs, about 2500 people, among whom the authorized are staffs representing their own stock companies, the non-authorized deliver bills to the authorized ones,and the accounting staff go through stock account and copy. Stock self-operators specially operating certain kind of stock., reaching their places before exchanges begin every day, distributing prices prepared for exchanging, enquiring with brokers and undertaking exchanges. Brokers acting as intermediaries for investors of stock exchange, accept clients' instructions and notice their representatives or authorized staffs to execute these instructions. After representatives or staffs find out which level the clients' stock  belongs to and what price self-operator quoted, they begin exchange with self-operators.


How to invest in shares means how to be a millionaire

After a long consideration, I realize that which major to choose depends on what kind of life you want. If you want to be a millionaire, you should choose investing in shares because you can earn a lot of money by doing that. If you just want to have enough to support yourself and your family and want your life to be very simple, you should choose something more technical such as invest in shares because it is so pure and when you master it, it won’t change as much as the market does. Human beings are the most complex animals in the world. It changes greatly in different situations.
I changed my choice when I was doing juice bar work. I felt so tired during the process. Females can not bear that tiredness for the physical reasons. What’s more, it is difficult to realize the real features of your business partners. They appeared as your friends but really you should consider them as your enemies if you don’t want to be cheated. No real friends in business, only the profit lasts forever. Maybe this view is a little extreme, but it is the real situation.
At last, I decided to choose shares study as my major. I know I am not good at it, but I will try my best to learn it well. E-commerce is not new to the world, but it still has a lot of space to develop. So you can find your position in it to prove yourself. You can use your wisdom to solve all the problems you face in the professional field. The best point is you belong to yourself, nothing else.
Everyone will change his attitude towards the world with time going. I used to want to be a very successful and world famous businesswoman. But now I just want the life to be simple; I want the sky to be blue; I want the sun to be shinning every day.


Which Major to Choose? Economy or Logistics Management

A few weeks ago, we faced one of the most important choices in our lives: which major to choose?
There are four majors in our school: Economy, E-commerce, Marketing and Logistics Management. I am quite sure that I won’t choose Financial Management or Logistics because I hate the numbers and I am not interested in logistics. But between E-commerce and Marketing, it was really difficult for me to make a final choice.
At first, I was very self-confident that I would choose Marketing. Because I thought I really had that kind of gift. I am quite good at communicating with others; I can make friends with others soon after we know each other; I can forecast the tendency of the market; I have a clear picture of what to do and how to do a project in my mind.Maybe I can learn how to invest in shares and be a rich man. In a word, marketing is my best choice because I am quite fit for that according to my ability and gift. At that time, I didn’t think about E-commerce at all except for my father advised me to choose it because it is more technical. My father is an engineer, so he hopes me to learn something that I can use forever.
I know from certain perspective, he is right. If you master the core technology, your boss can’t fire you easily. Another important reason is that you don’t have to waste much of your time to deal with the relationship with the people around you. You have enough free space to do the things you like and want. This is much different from a marketing person who has to try his best to set up different kinds of relationship with all kinds of people or drink with his business friends though he hates it from his heart.

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How to hold shares (2)

Nominee account is one of the safest share’s forms because it is defended by many other activities of the broker. But since the investors of the company can only get information by themselves, sometimes they may face with many difficulties. However, with the development of the stock market, this situation becomes changing, especially some companies begin to provide more transparent information to the nominee account holders, many holders can also take part in vote through electronic in now days. What’s more, more and more investors get the chance of becoming the members of CREST, which will help investors benefit more from this form while they can still hold the shares.

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